News Roundup: Ramadan 2016 Water Crisis

To compensate for the water cut, Palestinians have resorted to buying water tanks to meet their basic needs. The added expenditure of 250 shekels is a financial burden for many families who cannot afford it.

Israel cuts water in West Bank during Ramadan [via Gulf News]

Can you imagine going without water for a week?

"On the first day of Ramadan, the water stopped for 24 hours, with no notice," Afaneh told Al Jazeera. "Since then, it has been coming in at less than half the capacity. We've done everything we can to try and make residents comfortable, but this is a crisis."

Israel's water cuts: West Bank 'in full crisis mode' [via Al Jazeera]

Source:  Getty Images  via  Al Jazeera

For the past three weeks, the lives of tens of thousands of Palestinians around Salfit and Nablus have revolved around water…On the morning of June 4, we discovered that our main water reservoir, with a capacity of 1,500 cubic meters, was completely empty,” Salfit Mayor Dr. Shaher Ishtayeh told Haaretz last week. No one warned the local council in advance that Mekorot [Israel’s water supply company] was cutting off the supply for a day.

Palestinian City Parched After Israel Cuts Water Supply [via Haaretz]

How Israel uses water as a weapon of war →

Good summary of what is happening now as well as a history of water as weapon from 1948 on:

Israel has been ‘waging a water war’ against Palestinians, according to Palestinian Authority Prime Minister Rami Hamdallah. The irony is that the water provided by “Mekorot” is actually Palestinian water, usurped from West Bank aquifers. While Israelis, including illegal West Bank settlements, use the vast majority of it, Palestinians are sold their own water back at high prices.

Palestine’s ‘prayer for rain’: How Israel uses water as a weapon of war [via Informed Comment]