Water Justice & Environmental Racism in the US

Although our focus is on water justice in Palestine, we care about water justice everywhere. In that spirit, we want to share these two articles:

Flint, Environmental Racism, & White Privilege →

We are witnessing a national catastrophe: Innocent people are fighting for their lives because officials at all levels have been derelict in their duties to protect Flint, Michigan, residents from environmental harms and have deliberately silenced community voices. Could this Flint toxic water disaster occur anywhere else? Yes, and it is, even in California, where the drought is not the only water crisis.

Water Activists, Your White Privilege Is Showing [via Truthout]

The type of environmental exploitation that the residents of Uniontown face every day is impossible to explain without taking race into account. The town’s numerous problems reflect an abject failure at every level of government to value residents’ — Black residents’ — lives and health

In This Poor, Black, Polluted Alabama Town, Speaking Up Gets You Sued [via ACLU]