Climate Justice and Palestine

“Palestine is faced with a double challenge, global and local. Due to climate change, the average rainfall is decreasing and the Jordan River will soon run dry. The Gazan aquifer is so over-utilized and salinated, experts have been saying that there will be no drinkable water for 1.9 million people by 2016 which is, after all, now. These same people are also crippled by a crushing economic siege and an environment poisoned by toxic munitions. At the same time, the Israeli occupation of the West Bank is characterized by water confiscation and contamination.”

Although written in early 2016, this article is even more relevant today~

Climate Justice and Palestine: the New Intersectionality


On September 20 Alliance for Water Justice members joined the thousands of people who jammed Boston's City Hall Plaza for the student-organized Climate Strike. Our signs attracted considerable interest and thumbs up approval. Photos by Nancy Murray.