Mission Statement

The Alliance for Water Justice in Palestine raises awareness about Israel’s use of water as a weapon against the people of Palestine. Our four core principles are

  • Water is a human right
  • Water should not be privatized
  • Water should not be used as an instrument of oppression
  • Water should be equally distributed

While raising awareness is our primary focus, we also oppose efforts to promote Israeli water companies internationally so long as their technologies are used to oppress Palestinian people. We do not want our governments to be complicit in Israel’s theft of Palestinian water or its discriminatory water policies.

We came together in 2013 in response to the “Innovative Water Partnership” between government and business leaders in Israel and Massachusetts, a joint project being replicated in other states and countries around the world.

We work as part of the global Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement and also stand in solidarity with all groups working for water justice—in Israel/Palestine; in Flint, Michigan; in Chelsea, Massachusetts; in California’s Central Valley; in Bhopal, India; in sub-Saharan Africa; and everywhere else in the world.

The Alliance is endorsed by many individuals and groups, currently including: 1for3.org; Alliance for a Secular and Democratic South Asia; Boston Coalition for Palestinian Rights; Cambridge Bethlehem People to People Project; Friends of Sabeel - New England; Jewish Voice for Peace – Boston; Jewish Women for Justice in Israel/Palestine; Massachusetts Peace Action; United for Justice with Peace.